Hermann-Rietschel-Institut, Technische Universität Berlin

The Hermann-Rietschel-Institut (HRI) of the Technical University Berlin emerged from the “testing center for heating and ventilation systems” which was founded by Hermann Rietschel in 1885. It is the worldwide oldest academic institute in this field.

The Research and experimental results of the HRI shape the development of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology in Germany and contribute, among other things, to the development of standards and guidelines. Prof. Dr. Martin Kriegel has been the department chairman since 2011 and set the focus on minimizing tensions among demands on comfort, hygienic indoor climate and efficient system technology. In this context, a strong focus is also set on research regarding cleanrooms (cleanrooms and rooms of the healthcare sector).

A lecture hall, seminar rooms, workshops, offices, a computer network with 400 calculation cores for numerical simulations and numerous 6 to 8 meter high experimental halls are located within the 1,800 m² facilities. The test stands, measurement technology and software required to investigate the current issues are available at the HRI.

In particular, two cleanrooms and one operating theatre set up for research purposes (see right side) are available in addition to generic indoor airflow laboratories.

Trainings and research in the cleanroom and operating room laboratory
Regularly offered cleanroom trainings as well as experimental investigations and flow visualizations take place in the unique laboratories at the HRI. It includes two cleanrooms with laminar air flow and turbulent mixing ventilation, and a fully equipped operating room.

The cleanroom and operating room laboratories were established by means of project fundings of the German federal ministry for economic affairs and energy under the funding codes 03ET1206A and 03ET1454A.


Technische Universität Berlin
Marchstr. 4
10587 BERLIN
Phone: +49 30 3142-4170
Fax: +49 30 3142-1141


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Kriegel
(head of department)

Company Data
Founded: 1885
Staff: 40

Business Areas
Experimental and numerical investigations in the field of HVAC, in particular:

  • building energy systems
  • indoor airflow
  • flow in pipes and ducts
  • thermal and hygienic comfort
  • unsteady climatization
  • cleanroom technology
  • operating room ventilation
  • bionics
  • olfactometry

VIP3000 e. V.
FGK e. V.
BTGA e. V.
VDI e. V. (GBG and FA-RLT)



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