Management and prevention of chemical, radiological and biological risks

Our mission is to help our clients preserve the quality of their production while protecting their workers’ health and the environment.

CURIUM offers an extensive know-how for contamination management. We analyze sources of contamination to develop an efficient decontamination strategy and to prevent further contamination. We plan decontamination works, implement safety measures, coordinate operations and control and validate decontamination at the end of the project.

CURIUM’s special area of expertise is hazardous substances

  • Toxic and CMR substances
  • Highly reactive substances and compounds
  • Radioactive substances
  • Hazardous bacteria, mould, spores, infectious proteins (prions)

Contamination Diagnostics
Contamination diagnostics aims to identify and map chemical and/ or radioactive contaminants in order to prepare, if necessary, an efficient and safe decontamination operation. A preliminary risk analysis allows to define the investigation methods and the adapted collective and individual protection equipment.

  • Preliminary documentary study
  • Definition of contamination trackers
  • Definition of contamination thresholds
  • Definition of sampling and analysis methods
  • Detailed contamination mapping

A decontamination operation for hazardous products is always preceded by an analysis of the contamination. After having established an operating mode according to the client’s needs and to safety constraints, CURIUM carries out the decontamination operations, then validates the decontamination.

  • Work in complex areas (confined spaces, heights, HVAC systems)
  • Equipment decontamination
  • Work area containment, air locks setups
  • Management of generated waste

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Company data
Founded: 1994
Employees: 45
Turnover 2022: 8,5 M €

Paris (France)
Shanghai (China)

Business areas

  • Contamination diagnostics and decontamination works
  • Project management – chemical, radiological and biological risks
  • Dismantling and remediation
  • Engineering and consulting

Eli Lilly, GSK, MSD, Novartis, Infineon, Sanofi, Soitec, Recordati

VIP3000 e. V., ISPE, European Decontamination Institute



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