The Cleanroom Professionals for Cleaning and Training

More Thorough Cleaning of Cleanrooms to Be Even More Sterile and Particle-Free
The company profi-con is a professional service provider for the cleaning of sterile cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical, gen-technology, biotechnology and medical technology industries as well as particle-free cleanrooms in the micro-electronic, semiconductor, opto-electronic, the automotive and the plastics industries. We clean from the air lock areas and offer therefore a modular full service system which encompasses the entire range of cleaning tasks for all cleanroom classes for particle-free and sterile production and research operations.

Only with Qualified and Trained Personnel
We thoroughly train our clean operators before their deployment in a cleanroom in cleanroom cleaning procedures and in how to correctly behave in a cleanroom. With regular workshops and training courses in the framework of our quality management system, we strengthen and consolidate the knowledge and skills of our employees. It is only possible to become a clean operator at profi-con for those people who are absolutely dependable, who are able to speak German and who are non-smokers.

Locations in Your Area
Our locations are found in the entire German-speaking region. Regardless of being located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, please contact us. We are ready to become your professional cleanroom cleaning partner.

Seminars, Trainings, Coachings
We support companies in optimizing their work processes and qualifying all cleanroom personnel and thus also in improving product quality. We offer a comprehensive range of seminars, trainings and coachings.


profi-con GmbH
Contamination Control
Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 12-14


Dr. Wolfgang Tolzin (CEO)
Phone: +49 341 98989-0
Fax: +49 341 98989-200

Company Information

  • founded in 1985
  • approximately 200 employees


  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Bulgaria

Business Segment

  • Cleanroom Cleaning
  • Seminars, Trainings, Coachings


  • VIP3000 e. V.
  • Deutsches Reinraum-Institut
  • SwissCCS
  • VDI
  • Silicon Saxony
  • ÖRRG


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