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Innovative - competent - reliable - customized

These are the core values and guiding principle of vali.sys ag. Since 2003, the thriving enterprise has specialized in the fields of system monitoring, industrial automation and complete IT systems and has been successfully established within this complex area. The company has developed from a regional to an international business which carries out projects from the planning stage to the system implementation beyond the European borders. The first foreign branch was opened in Cairo, Egypt in spring 2023.

vali.sys ag stands for a wide range of qualitatively and scientifically advanced systems. For both small and large systems plans and designs are made. Products and services are offered based on the client’s requests and the team’s extensive knowledge and experience.

The product range includes small modular units, medium-sized subsystems and complete systems for building monitoring and automation. Customized projects are carried out with a network of specialists and partners, considering the relevant norms. Experience and quality, reliability and customer satisfaction are the signature of vali.sys ag.


vali.sys ag
Rosengartenstrasse 17b
Phone: +41 43 49592-50
Fax: +41 43 49592-60


Mr. Thomas Christen

Corporate data
Founded: 2003
Employees: 28

Business area

  • Planning and building of systems
  • Maintenance of systems
  • Calibration of particle counters
  • Calibration of environmental sensors
  • Hotline/ Support
  • Temperature mapping
  • Consulting, planning and implementation of IT systems
  • Calibration laboratory for particle counters
  • Qualification & validation


  • VIP3000 e. V.
  • Swiss Label
  • Swiss CCS
  • DRRI
  • Wirtschaftsforum Wetzikon
  • Swiss Global Enterprises
  • AHK Egypt


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