Pragmatic. Practical. Good.

justitia PartGmbB Rechtsanwälte + Bauingenieure focuses on complex issues of legal, technical, constructional and architectural nature.

We stand for pragmatic solutions that achieve advantageous cost-benefit ratios for our mandates. This includes the avoidance of disputes if sensible and possible. However, this also includes resolute enforcement of claims when necessary. During the process we express ourselves in terms understood on construction sites, rather than in long-winded technical jargon. Therefore, advice on which actions to take can be expected from our hands-on consultation.

Our team
Many of our lawyers are qualified construction engineers and/ or solicitors for building and architectural law. We secure additional expertise through close collaboration with individuals experienced in the planning and construction of buildings and facilities. The office’s knowledge of this and commercial construction is well-rounded.

Most mandates are overlooked by two lawyers providing an immediate and competent contact person, without added costs for our mandates.

Our mandates
Since we advise and represent developers, general planners, architects, specialized engineeers, project delegators and the builders themselves, we understand the mindset and interests of each party, which makes for a very promising execution of the mandate.

Core strengths

  • Contract design for construction and planning
  • Legal guidance during construction
  • conciliation/ settling of disputes
  • Avoidance of interruptions during construction
  • Law enforcement in arbitration and judicial procedures
  • Defence or assertation of wages and fee claims as well as claims for defects and liability

justitia PartGmbB 
Rechtsanwälte + Bauingenieure
Mozartstr. 18
80336 MUNICH
Phone: +49 89 89892300


Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Heene
Lawyer + civil engineer,
specialist lawyer for building and architects' law

Company Information
Founded: 2013
Staff: 20


VIP3000 e. V.
ARGE Constructional Law within the German Attorneys Association

several domestic and international businesses, whose names shall remain confidential



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