Scientific Surface Solutions

  • Trespa International B.V. is a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials, recognized internationally as a premier developer of high quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative façades, and scientific surface solutions for cleanrooms and laboratories.

    Today’s laboratory and functional environments demand compliance with rigorous codes and standards. Therefore, selecting the right material is of crucial importance. Trespa® TopLab® offers three product lines that combine basic requirements – like long-lasting surface hygiene, impact and scratch resistance, flexibility and ease of use – with aesthetic qualities that can contribute to enhance the experience of employees and visitors.

    For high-demanding environments where excellence is the standard

    TopLab® PLUS and PLUS ALIGN are the preferred worktop surface for challenging workplaces where excellence is required in terms of chemical resistance and easy cleanability. With a biobased carbon content of up to 85%, TopLab® PLUS ALIGN sets a new standard in the HPL industry. A more sustainable choice, while maintaining the same quality as TopLab® PLUS

    For vertical applications in those sectors where high performance is a must

    Thanks to its smooth surface, TopLab® VERTICAL offers excellent cleanability, chemical resistance and durability for challenging environments such as cleanrooms. It is available in large sheets to reduce joints, minimize waste and optimise costs and is easy to machine and to install. 

    The heavy duty surface

    TopLab®BASE is the robust and lasting panel for worktops and cabinetry applications where scratch and wear resistance are of great importance, whereas the chemical resistance of the surface is not critical.

    Trespa products stand for low maintenance costs, design flexibility and offer a conditional 10-years guarantee.

    * TRESPA® TOPLAB® PLUS and TRESPA® TOPLAB® VERTICAL are certified for certain cleanliness properties by Fraunhofer IPA under the Cleanroom Suitable Materials scheme.


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    Scientific Surface Solutions
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