Comfort, functionality and energy efficiency in all buildings

Intelligent mastery of complex assignments
SAUTER project know-how did not just come out of the blue. Through the efficient and successful development of countless small and large projects, we have gained invaluable knowledge of the building automation sector over more than 100 years.

Energy efficiency? Apart from the precision zoning and performance rules with special algorithms in the regulators applied to our systems, integrated approaches such as the exhaustion of conventional and regenerative energy sources also have an important role to play.

Reliability and efficiency thanks to open systems
With SAUTER solutions, you have at your disposal cutting-edge technology, which, irrespective of manufacturer, provides optimal conditions for both new builds and modernization work. Because our consultants think outside the box and our systems are able to communicate in all directions. 100 % backward- and forward-compatibility and openness means maximum investment security for investors, general contractors and operators.

Hand in hand with life itself
The requirements for total solutions are unique in the life sciences and health care sector. Our aim is to provide the efficient management and realization of projects involving automated systems in order to meet strict international regulations. This is achieved by providing documented verification over the whole life cycle of the installation – from the planning stage to the decommissioning phase. SAUTER provides flexible solutions based on its know-how gained from many years’ experience in international projects. These are matched to the special and complex requirements of our clients worldwide and are geared firmly towards practice.

Everything is from a single source and carried out with the best possible cost-effectiveness, which benefits the customer greatly.


Sauter Cumulus GmbH
Hans Bunte Str. 15
Phone: +49 761 5105-0
Fax: +49 761 5105-234


Ulrich Fedler

Corporate data
Founded: 1925
Employees: ca. 1,400
Turnover: approximately 280 mio. euros


  • 33 subsidiaries and field offices
  • Swiss parent comapany, Sauter AG Basel
  • International: over 46 subsidiaries and sales organsiations worldwide

Business area

  • Produktion and delivery of MSR Components
  • Project management
  • Components
  • Services
  • Facility Management


Xfell Hamburg, Böhringer Ingelheim, Bayer AG, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck, Luye, Roche, Evonik, Novartis, RKI Berlin, Uni Marburg, FU Berlin



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