Pioneering spirit and development lead

We develop, produce and sell tools. Tools for the craftsman of industrial cleaning. Tools that enable tasks to be completed more easily and effectively. 

For over 47 years, Pfennig Reinigungstechnik has been one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment for professional cleaning. Our product range includes cleaning carts, the appropriate accessories as well as textiles of all kinds. Thanks to the domestic mop production, we can guarantee our customers a high degree of flexibility and speed. For more than 20 years, we have also been developing, producing and selling manual cleaning and disinfection systems for effective contamination control in sterile and clean rooms.

Our claim is to develop high-quality cleaning equipment and application-oriented solutions that guarantee for hygienic safety and efficiency. A test and confirmation of the reproducibility as well as validability of the results of selected systems and products is regularly carried out by Fraunhofer Institute. As a family business that benefits from short decision-making paths, we can offer absolute flexibility. Our in-house development department turns requirements into individual customer solutions within the shortest possible time.

Intuitive, safe, ergonomic
Our products are manufactured according to the latest hygienic design recommendations from materials suitable for cleanrooms. They combine with textiles certified for use in cleanrooms and intuitive operation to create innovative, cleanroom-compliant and validated solutions. With numerous developments in manual cleaning, disinfection and hygiene of sensitive areas, we are one of the most innovative companies in the industry:

  • 1999 the Clino CR trolley including King GMP mop
    → the first cleaning system for cleanrooms certified by Fraunhofer IPA
  • 2014 EasyMop GMP pre-preparation system
  • 2015 MopFloat GMP mop impregnation system
  • 2019 MopScoop GMP, a solution for all disinfection and hygiene challenges in the cleanroom. Users no longer have to worry about issues such as validation of disinfection and hygienic microbiological process safety. All risk factors have been eliminated.
  • 2020 MopScoop PROTECT, the first completely closed process for cleaning and disinfecting cleanrooms. The optimal interaction of the coordinated system components creates a self-contained process that makes contamination carryover virtually impossible due to its self-explanatory operation.

    Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH
    Heubachstr. 1
    87471 DURACH
    Phone: +49 (0)831 561 22 0


    Dietmar Pfennig

    Jürgen Lederer
    Head of Sales

    Company data

    • founded in 1974
    • family-owned company
    • 52 employees
    • second location at Wangen a.d. Aare (CH)

    Business divisions

    • certified and hygienically safe cleaning systems for clean room cleaning and disinfection
    • high-quality textile program (mop covers and cloths) for cleanroom cleaning and disinfection
    • wide range of accessories (mop holder, handles, ...)
    • competent consulting and training of the product range


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