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MIKROCLEAN is a company specializing in cleanroom cleaning and cleanroom technology.

At MIKROCLEAN, customers can rely on consistently high standards when cleaning their cleanroom system. As a leading company in cleanroom cleaning and cleanroom technology, we offer our customers from industry, research and development, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, lifesciences and biochemistry all over Europe cleanroom cleaning for all classes, EU-GMP and ISO systems.

The quality management of MIKROCLEAN sets the known standards and also meets all work steps required for cleanroom cleaning according to VDI, DIN, EU-GMP and HACCP. Controlling contamination in the cleanroom is a complex whole. Cleaning and disinfection is a challenge. The “dirt” is invisible and the use of an incorrect cleaning technology can lead to the spread of impurities in the cleanroom.

Working in a cleanroom therefore requires the strictest discipline, structure and organization. For this reason, all MIKROCLEAN employees receive special qualifications, regular retraining and take care of 100 % of their daily working time for the cleaning and decontamination of cleanroom systems. They are our experts in the cleanroom and thus guarantee the highest quality.

CLEAN FIRST – Initial cleaning
for new or converted cleanrooms

Particular and microbiological cleaning after construction measures to achieve the legal requirements of the respective clean room class

CLEANINTERVALL – Interval cleaning 
in addition to maintenance cleaning

Cleaning of ceilings, walls or sporicidal disinfection in intervals of 1 to 4 times a year or even monthly, depending on the cleanroom classification

CLEAN365 – Maintenance cleaning 
you produce, we clean

A customized cleaning package in accordance with GMP or ISO standards. Recommended for daily production, daily maintenance cleaning of used surfaces

Rentable training trailer for real training conditions. Visual teaching methods, infiltration program of people and material. The trailer can be combined with our training levels and is suitable for new and experienced 
cleanroom personnel.

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Location Essen
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Timo Speck
Managing Director

Business areas
Europe-wide Cleanroom cleaning


  • Industry
  • Research and Development
  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Life Sciences
  • Biochemistry

Corporate data
Co-founded by the European Union 2012

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