Experts in Contamination Monitoring Solutions

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) specializes in viable and nonviable particle counters and particle counting solutions that measure and monitor contamination levels in clean and controlled environments. Since 1972, our knowledgeable and experienced team has been developing innovative technologies to advance the cleanroom monitoring industry. Led by our technology which provides accurate and reliable results and information for our clients, Particle Measuring Systems is one of the world’s leading companies and manufacturers for particle counting instruments, and molecular and microbial monitoring.

Technology Particle Measuring Systems provides are:

  • Particle Counters for Air and Gas
  • Liquid Particle Counters
  • Microbial Viable Contamination Monitors
  • Molecular Contamination Monitors
  • Facility Monitoring Systems

In addition to manufacturing cleanroom contamination monitors and equipment, we provide software, environmental monitoring, data management, advisory, 
training, GMP, projects and calibration.


Particle Measuring Systems Germany GmbH
Im Tiefen See 45
64293 Darmstadt
Tel. +49 351 8896 3850


Christian Stief 
(Service & Sales Manager)

Corporate data
Founded: 1972
Employees: > 450 worldwide

USA, China, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Business areas

  • Contamination Monitoring
  • Particle Measuring Technology
  • Data Management
  • Advisory Services
  • GMP-Services
  • Calibration

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