Psychologically and physiologically sound color concepts

Farbatelier Raum für Farbe is a merger of Farbatelier Schleicher and the interior architecture office Raum für Farbe in Karlsruhe. 

Professional color concepts improve working conditions and staff motivation by reducing sources of error at the same time. Visually and ergonomically designed workplaces create a better and longer lasting power of concentration and thereby reduce accident risks and production downtimes. 

The proper composition of structure, color and light creates a workplace environment that supports your staff to meet the high GMP quality standards. Light and color are used according to latest cognitions to increase the attention span and work efficiency significantly. An ideal color design improves the image of your company and can be used profitably with PR and marketing. 

Using the term “cleanroom design” usually identifies the functional arrangement of cleanroom facilities. We as color consultants/ designers make it our mission to compose a meaningful color concept for the optical phenomenon “cleanroom design”.

Farbatelier Raum für Farbe

  • develops color concepts for you that highlight the quality of your company
  • analyzes and establishes a profile of your work environment
  • designs object-related, individualized solutions by using color as an element of structure
  • establishes layout solutions by using color-psychological and color-physiological aspects
  • stands for creativity and artistic design
  • optimizes working conditions for the employees
  • offers solutions to avoid trouble spots in the designed area
  • works with the principles of GMP Quality Standards
  • creates humane work spaces by using color psychology

Color is the language of shape. It serves to differentiate, to orientate, it evokes emotions and associations – an important topic in the mostly white and monotonously designed cleanrooms.


Putlitzstraße 13
Phone: +49 721 1831 6606


Cordula Bahm
Dipl.-Ing. Innenarchitektin (FH)
Farbgestalterin IACC/BEF
Mobil: +49 170 9076 640

Company Data
Founded: 2013


Business Area

  • color concepts for cleanrooms
  • workplace design
  • color designs for educational facilities
  • color designs for senior living facilities
  • facade design

VIP3000 e.V.
Bund Europäischer Farbgestalter (BEF)
Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg

MED-EL, Innsbruck (cleanroom award creative price winner 2018) Bischof + Klein SE & Co.KG, Lengerich



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